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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Antique Tapestry Fragments & Cushions

It is becoming more and more difficult to find good tapestry fragments with which to make cushions - well, affordable ones anyway!  However - New Year - New Determination - I shall have to be more assiduous in searching out these lovely remnants and plan more frequent visits to France in the ensuing months.

The difficulty in sourcing good original tapestry also serves to remind me of the preciousness of each piece and the fact that it is surely unrepeatable.  Fortunately I can sometimes find a good long tapestry border which will yield several cushions - some motifs repeated, of course - but once used up it is highly unlikely I shall come across another the same so they are all unique.

The greatest rarities are those with figural elements - animals, birds, people and chateaux.  Here are a few I have, or have had, and they are always among the most expensive pieces to buy.

Firstly birds - all eighteenth century:

Chateaux - 18th century


Figure and Angels  - 18th century

Creatures - 17th century

Now the winter solstice is well and truly behind us the lengthening days engender renewed excitement for the hunt!

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