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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

More Cushions - Pillows

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Toile de Nantes Valance fragment - Les Lois de Lycurgue

Antique French toiles - whether it be Toile de Jouy,  de Nantes,  de Bordeaux - de Rouen etc are a wonderful source for creating unique cushions.  While perfect lengths of toile are fabulous as upholstery, curtains or bed drapes, often enough can be recovered from a piece of damaged fabric to make cushions.  Frequently pieces are hand quilted, having originally come from old drapes, and, when cleaned, can be used with a cotton or linen vintage fabric to create cushions.  If not quilted a fragment will probably need to be strengthened by attaching it to a robust linen or cotton backing before being made up.

There are many books devoted to these delightful scenic toiles and I try my best to identify those I use, although this not always possible.

Cushions made from quilted toile de Nantes  and linen Vichy-type check

La Danse Savoyarde
Toile de Nantes - l'Art d'Amour
Toile with imagined scenes from Walter Scott
Toile de Nantes - Telemarque & Calypso