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Thursday, 20 February 2014

French Passementerie

French passementerie - that is ornamental trimming of fringes, tassels, bobble and flat trim and used on drapes, cushions, furniture and clothing - is justifiably world renowned both for its variety and excellence of execution.

Today we have access to many and varied trims to enliven our homes but they are mostly made of synthetic materials unless one is prepared to pay premium prices for those in wool or silk.

Before the modern age most trimmings were of natural materials and those made in France were the best in the world.

I search out original trimmings to decorate cushions and curtains but, like everything else treasured and antique, they are getting harder to find and the price seem to go up every time I come across any.

18th century Aubusson tapestry cushion with wool bobble trim

Two wool tassel trims

I was lucky recently and very grateful to be able to buy a stash from a friend who lives in France so there is a spate of cushion making coming on!

A gorgeous heap of tassel and bobble trims

I also use 18th and 19th century ecclesiastical flat braid as it has a patina which goes well with antique textiles

A variety of 18th and 19th century metallic ecclesiastical trim

Gold metallic tassels used on vestments and church banners are a prize find

Gold Metallic Early 19th century tassels

Well - to get on with those cushions!

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