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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Story of Joseph - Toile de Nantes

I thought I would give more details of the fragment of Toile de Nantes I bought recently and mentioned in a previous post.  Roller printed in madder on cotton, Nantes Favre Petitpierre et Cie around 1810, the detail of the engraving is very fine and in this piece there are four scenes from Joseph's life.

This image shows Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers

And this the brothers showing Jacob his son's bloodied coat to explain his disappearance
Here Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams prophesying seven years of plenty for the land of Egypt followed by seven lean years

And this, I think, shows Joseph after rejecting the advances of Potiphar's wife which resulted in his being thrown into prison when Potiphar believed his wife's lies that Joseph had attempted to seduce her.  This is often referred to as 'The Chastity of Joseph' and many painting and engravings have been made of the story.

I love these early toiles with generous large vignettes!


Rockrobin said...

I had no idea that Biblical stories were the subject of some of these fabrics. Fascinating!
The fabrics are very beautiful.

angebleu said...

Yes - scenes on Toiles de Jouy and those made in other places are drawn from many sources - the Bible, classical tales, mythology, contemporary literature and pastoral ideals among them. I think that's why I find them so fascinating.

Sheila Bury said...

This is beautiful, but I am curious, was each scene printed separately?

angebleu said...

According to my source this toile was roller printed - but I tend to agree with you - it looks much more like block printing.