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Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Diversion

I live in a most beautiful part of South Yorkshire and walk in the woods most days.  This weekend's wonderful weather saw me in the forest again among the bluebells and wood anemones which are flowering their hearts out at the moment.

Beneath these were tiny wood violets

Many years ago a local squire had planted an avenue of Yew Trees
and these ancient giants of the forest have over time become gnarled and many trunked 
Taking a lower path returning home I looked over the Flash (a large lake formed in a declivity in the ground from old mine workings) and could see two cormorants perched on their posts in the middle of the water opposite Heron Hide looking for fish.  

All the time there were butterflies - Orange Tips, Brimstones and Cabbage Whites - and the calling of pheasants, as well as more melodious birdsong. It is on days like these that one thanks fortune for the peace and calm of this breathtaking environment.


Sheila Bury said...

A beautiful day for a walk the woods are especially lovely at this time of year.

Rockrobin said...

Fabulous photos!