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Thursday, 28 April 2011


I started buying ecclesiastical antiques in France many years ago.  Back then, as now,  I was interested in design and found that France abounded in different styles from the Baroque to Gothic and that many of the items I found were from churches, monasteries or convents.  It seemed then that so many religious houses were closing or combining that much of their contents found their way into the open market.  I was fortunate to know French dealers who were appointed by the Church to dispose of their surplus artefacts.   I was always drawn to the Gothic style - in England as well as France - and much of what I came across appealed to this sense.  Gothic altar sticks

hanging sanctuary lamps, church vestments

Gothic statue stands

 and church plate

attracted me by their design as well as their significance in liturgy.

So it was with angels.  They are rich in Church symbolism and are found in painting and sculpture

as well as the more mundane, but equally precious, items for personal devotion.

And, of course, on toile

One or two are still with me
however, this is Italian rather than French - Tobias & The Angel - Cantagalli
but many more passed on - I am a dealer after all and need to make a living!  But I do regret having let some of them go.


Sheila Bury said...

The three angles standing together, are they carved wood or stoneand are they painted ? and how tall are they?sorry so many questions but they are really very pretty.

angebleu said...

They are painted carved wood and about 3 feet high. Yes - they were beautiful! Thank you for your interest.