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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Uses for Old Finds

 Some years ago I came across a gorgeous cast iron stove - probably Belgian rather than French - and, despite having no use for it as a stove I just had to buy it!  I loved the  intricate tracery of the body with roundels of cherubic angels on the doors and top.   The interior (the stove part to hold the fire) was missing - which was fine with me.

Now, I really dislike seeing a blank television in my sitting room so I housed it inside the stove with DVD player underneath.  The front has two opening doors and there is another each side in the rounded ends.  It has served me well for many years and moved houses several times including two crossings of the Channel.

I have now given up television - is it me or are there more repeats than anything else these days?   I watch what I choose using iPlayer on my Mac.  So - it is time to fine a new use for the stove.  Any ideas would be welcome!

This is part of an old cupboard - it is deeply carved and gilded and must have been either the bottom or the top.  Adding a board to create a ‘ceiling” covered in pleated silk fabric I hung blue silk curtains and it is now a ciel de lit - bed canopy. I have used it in various bedrooms for years.  I am now thinking of changing the colour scheme of the bedroom so am currently searching through antique textiles for drapes and will probably also recover the bed.  English light requires warmer tones I think! (it was perfect for the brighter light of France giving a coolness to the bedroom there).

 Those like the 19th century ciel de lit beneath are always on my shopping list although they are harder to find these days.  They do occasionally appear on ebay though.

I once bought two wallpaper panels from a Paris auction.  I had them mounted on board and they are now on the stairs of my cottage.  In France I had them either side the fireplace in alcoves and they did look better there.  However, it is hard to find things to decorate those long walls on a staircase so I am quite pleased with them in their new surroundings.

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The Cloth Shed said...

Thank you for your lovely comment..I am now following to see what other delicious linens and French things you have. Love everything on your sidebar too.
Julie x