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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

An Eclectic Mix...

Having spent last weekend sorting through fresh finds from France I thought I would show some here
There is a delicious child’s work bag on a faux bamboo frame dating from the 1930s-50s,
A printed wall hanging from the same period

Gorgeous old ticking which I will have to spend some time de-feathering and laundering

Seven cotton bonnets

 Bridesmaids' headdresses, 19th century pricket sticks, a fabulous tall hat stand, gilt bronze picture hook covers ... and more

Intriguingly there are two packs of fine linen handkerchieves.  There are twelve in a pack in one continuous piece.  With selvedges on the long sides they would be cut and hemmed in the home on the others.  Described as ‘lin superior’  and Hygiene Sante’ by ;Docteur Brindeau’ they were obviously intended to appeal to the ever health-conscious French buyer!

Some of these will be for sale this week on ebay uk where I can be found under the name decant-2.

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