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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Chic - or just shabby?

That oh-so-outworn phrase 'shabby chic' will, after this first post, not be mentioned again! I don't believe that painting an old dresser and 'distressing' it makes it anything other than shabby - certainly not chic.  There's no reason why you shouldn't paint it of course but do it well - perhaps add painted decoration in that old French manner.  Over time it will receive knocks and bumps, the paint will become rubbed and it will take on an aura of being aged - because it is!
Everything was new once.  If you look, for example, at some old textiles - when new the colours were vibrant and brash but the effects of time and light have transformed them into softer tones infinitely easier to live with.
Anyone can go out and buy the latest thing, it takes more thought to look for those older pieces loved throughout time which fit comfortably into your home and don't stand out in their brash newness.
From My French Window
Such thoughts are useful to me because I neither desire - nor can afford - the latest whatever and I reap much, much, more pleasure in finding an object which other people have used and loved - and even adapted - as I probably will - to fit into their surroundings.

Antique French Garden Furniture in an
 English Courtyard
My French Bedroom with Antique Doll and Bear
and Linen sheet used for a Curtain


birdfeathers said...

Like this very much, looking forward to more !!!

LnJsMom said...

The term "Shabby Chic" is definitely overused, particularly on Ebay - just about any old homeware is labelled with this misleading moniker. The words do fit together so beautifully though!

bleuange said...

They do indeed - I think it is the overuse and misuse of the phrase which alienates me!